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Many music fans in recent years have complained that modern music has lost something. Some indefinable quality, common in the musical landscape of decades past, is now missing in the mainstream.

Scott Houchens, songwriter and pianoman of Dayton, Ohio’s “The Pullouts”, wants to give listeners what they lost. The Pullouts’ 2014 album, The Thought of You Waiting on Me, is full of what Houchens describes as “weary songs laced with hope and happy songs with a sad message” that sound like they’d be more at home in your dad’s record collection than on your iPhone. The Pullouts’ 2017 EP, Knights of the Morning After, continues in this vein with increased piano-rock sensibility.  ~ Joshua Lumpkin, Dayton City Paper

The Pullouts third release, Tumbleweed Waltz, was released in June 2020 and is currently available on all streaming platforms. The band is working on their fourth record with plans to release in Summer 2021.

Stream The Pullouts releases in-full on all streaming platforms, featuring Tumbleweed Waltz (2020), Knights of the Morning After (2017), The Thought of You Waiting On Me (2014), along with various released singles.   



If I Fall - The Pullouts

If I Fall - The Pullouts

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